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Tweek    Tools

Tweek helps Twitter users maintain their privacy by removing old content

Currently Twitter only allows users to view their last 3,200 tweets from their timeline. If a user wishes to search and remove old content, they're limited to the advanced search feature. Which is only available via the Twitter website. The Tweek mobile app allows end-users to efficiently remove hundreds of tweets or likes through Twitters' RESTful API. Tweek users can select multiple tweets to delete in bulk, or use the search bar to find tweets that contain a specified keyword. Bulk deletion and search functionality can also be used to remove likes. Lastly, Twitter allows users to request all of their data, which includes every tweet since account creation. Once the user downloads the zip archive, they can easily import the archive into Tweek. Now, they can view, search through, and delete every tweet they've ever posted to their account.