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LawBud    Education

Have the Law in your Pocket!

[US applicable only]
LawBud is an application and a project that aims to help educate its users about the legal rights they have.
Currently, LawBud contains
- The Constitution of the US
- Declaration of Independence
- Undocumented immigrant rights
- What to do when interacting with the police
More will be added in the coming updates!
Store Description:

There is confusion about rights we have in the United States. The dense legalese of today coupled with the unintelligible text of the 18th century make it a gargantuan task to understand what we can and cannot do.

Enter LawBud
LawBud is an interactive app that gives bite sized legal info! It even comes with citations.
Easily learn the rights you have by using this application. Lawbud is a simple to use app, and can be used as an educational tool or for personal protection. The app is a resource for learning your legal rights.

Terms & Conditions
This application is currently only for the United States. LawBud is an application to help educate users about the law. However, it does not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer. There is no attorney-client relationship between you, the user, and this application. Remember, please be polite and respectful to all figures of authority.