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Grammapp – Learn German Grammar    Education

Get to know der, die, das like a native. One swipe at a time.

Remember the difference between genitiv and dativ? Of course you don't, German grammar is hard. So, how does a German baby learn its 'ders' from its 'dies' without ever breaking a sweat? Well, there's one thing they have that we don't: time.

Enter Grammapp. Probably the fastest (and most delightful) way to learn German grammar and build your vocabulary. All without daunting word tables and grammar jargon.

Learning German grammar is as simple as swiping right.

★ Learn der, die, das

★ Get to grips with cases

★ Build your vocabulary with translations in 180+ languages

★ Power through words blazingly fast on your commute

★ 100% free of grammar jargon

★ Absolutely no complicated word tables

For grammarians: you'll learn loads of vocabulary, along with the German articles (der, die, das). With every word, you'll learn how to say it in each of the German cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative.