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Flutter Food Delivery App Theme

Flutter Food Ordering App Theme Template
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Flutter food delivery app theme like swiggy, zomoto, food panda, uber eats...

### Flutter Food Ordering app screens
- Login with mobile number
- OTP validation
- Home Screen
- List of all restaurants with the ratings, distance, short notes.
- Home screen promo Image display
- Promo codes
- Location Picker
- GPS picker for current location
- Restaurant details page
- Display name, rating, delivery time and price for two
- Menu category
- Filter menu
- Grid view based menu
- Search Page
- Cart Page
- Edit and remove a product
- Overall price display & checkout button
- Address display
- Apply coupon
- Profile
- Edit Profile
- Manage Addresses
- Add / Remove address
- Manage orders
- View Orders in listview
- View detailed order information
- Payments page for wallet integration
- Favorites page
- Offers
- Help
- Logout