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Flutter Woocommerce Dokan Multi Vendor App

Flutter dokan app

Flutter Woocommerce Dokan Multi Vendor app is an Flutter WooCommerce Full Application based on Android and iOS. We create this
app to easily connecting your WooCommerce Dokan Multi Vendor website with flutter mobile application (Android & iOS).

Braintree payment reach more buyers and drive higher conversion with the only payments platform that delivers PayPal,
Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, and popular digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay in a single,
seamless integration.

Product Features:

Vendor Upload Product in App
Vendor Manage Order in App
Vendor Dashboard
Vdndor Setting in App
Vendor Edit Product
Vendor Upload Banner in App
Vendor List
Vendor Details With their products
Vendor Avatar
Vendor Shop Name
Goto Vendor shop in product details(If product belongs to a vendor)
Auto add commissions to WooCommerce
Auto add order to Vendor’s backend
WooCommerce Authentication
WooCommerce REST API: Category Listing
WooCommerce REST API: Create An Order
WooCommerce REST API: View Orders
WooCommerce REST API: Create A Customer
WooCommerce REST API: Verify User – Retrieve and View a specific customer by email
Full WooCommerce Product Category or Product Listing Integration
Cash On Delivery Support.
Braintree Payment Support
Products Autoload on scrolling
Edit Address
Support Multi Languages
Multiple Shipping Methods
Secret for protect user password
Homepage Slide
Persistent login
RTL Support
Https support