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Escuta Pet (Pet Listen)    Social

Does your pet behave or bark when you are away from home? Register!
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Do you leave home and leave your pet alone? How do you know if he behaves well or if he keeps barking, bothering the neighbors?

This app was created for you! With it you keep a cell phone connected (on the table, for example) and the app records the noise of the environment. When you return, you will know how many times the noise limit you set has been exceeded and the total "noise" time your pet has triggered.

Of course, external factors influence. Bikes passing by on the street, plane in the sky, people talking loudly in the hallway of the floor and any other external noise are also recorded. Rate the data in moderation.

You can set the minimum and maximum noise threshold (in dB) environment on the graph and also the threshold above which should be considered as an unwanted noise event.

If a determining event has passed a number of seconds that you can also set, the app emits a mute (shhh) sound.