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Contactless    Productivity

Tired of seeing strangers in your contact list? Use the Contactless!
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You no longer need to enter unknown people in your contacts catalog to send messages through WhatsApp, just use this app to start a conversation. Just have the complete cell phone number you want to start a conversation with and that's it.

Enter the country code, area code and mobile number and start a chat!

This simple application will save a lot of time on the registry and later removal of contacts in your catalog.

Easy to use: you just have to enter the cell phone number you want to talk to and start a chat. No special action is required.

Once you start the chat you can continue the conversation, both by text and voice or video, and also send and receive files. All this already inside the WhatsApp app that you have in the device.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, German, Hindi and French