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Coinector Coinmap - Bitcoin Merchants    Travel & Local

Find the nearest bitcoin (DASH/BCH/BTC) merchants around! Or search worldwide!
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This is a flutter app written in dart, pull requests containing buxfixes/features are welcome.

You can find the source code on GitHub:

You can use the source code for any non-profit purpose you want.

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# Coinector - Coinnect the coimunity

This app provides a horizontally and vertically scrollable list of card items containing all merchants accepting BCH or DASH payments worldwide.

It provides a search action (top right action bar), which lets the user search for various tags, locations, brands or common phrases.

On the card of each merchant the user can tap two different action buttons: VISIT or REVIEW


After tapping the visit button on the card the user is being forwarded to the Google Maps app and from there he can get directions/phone.


On each card there is a REVIEW button which forwards the user to a website which opens the review action for Google Maps, so that users can give reviews easily and smooth after visiting and consuming with bitcoins.


Users can submit places from inside the app using a standard E-Mail client.

1. The user who sends an Email to add a place triggers to create an Issue on Gitlab & Github: &

2. Places can be updated via Github repository:

3. Images must be added to the main repo of


Users can search by location in english or by keyword/tag in 6 different languages.
Supported languages are German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese & Indonesian.