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AntiClamper    Auto & Vehicles

Simple, smart parking tracker

If you are looking for simplest and powerful tool to track your parked car, you found it.

This app will make sure you are never clamped again because you were late or could not find your car. Here is how it works:

1. After you have parked your vehicle, open this app and choose parking time. App remembers parking location and starts tracking.

2. At any moment you can check how much time you have left - app calculates walking time from your current position to the parked vehicle and visualises this route in real time. If you are too far away and there is chance of not making it back in time, you will see a warning.

3. If you want to return, just tap button in the app and it will launch navigation back to your car. Otherwise you may cancel your tracked parking at any moment. All data is stored on your device only.

Remember: this app works as a tracker and doesn't not perform actual parking - please don't forget to pay for the parking time separately, if required.