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Act 20/22 Residency    Business

Keep track of days spent in Puerto Rico to satisfy Act 20 and/or Act 22 residency requirements.
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It can be a rather costly mistake if you don’t stay in Puerto Rico for 183 calendar days if you’re utilizing Act 20 and Act 22. We’re here to help make sure you maintain your Act 20 and Act 22 residency status by helping you track the days you spend in Puerto Rico.

Simply toggle the days you aren’t in Puerto Rico and we’ll do the math for you. You can plan future travel as well and we’ll let you know what it’ll look like.

Coming soon:
- Intelligent Mode: Automatically track days spent in Puerto Rico or not. Again, don\'t worry, we put your privacy first and will not look at or share your data. Tech doesn't have to be scary or invade privacy to help.
- Resources: More resources and information around Act 20 and Act 22.
- Export: Sometimes a .csv or excel sheet can come in handy, we'll let you export your residency log.

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